Personal Effects

Personal Effects

Transland Group offers a limited service for shipping personal effects through our UK and European network. However, due to the specific nature of these goods, the service has certain restrictions, as detailed below.

Unfortunately, personal effects consignments are not insured under our Standard Terms and Conditions. Therefore, we would strongly advise customers to take out their own All Risks insurance policy for personal effects / household removals consignments.

All Personal Effects consignments must be declared as such when booking (in order to differentiate these goods from a regular consignment of commercial goods), and must be booked as a residential delivery. A full packing list must also be provided prior to collection. All residential / non-business deliveries will be treated as an Economy service (i.e. longer transit time) and will not be delivered without a book-in date and time confirmed with the recipient. Any refusal or cancellation will incur an additional charge.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all personal effects / household removals consignments are professionally palletised or crated, packed and secured. This is essential in order to prevent goods being damaged or damaging other consignments while in transit. Transland Group will not accept personal effects consignments that are not professionally packed and crated, and a Wasted Collection charge or Administration Fee may apply.

If you would like further advice on shipping personal effects, just email us your specific requirements and we will be happy to help.